What Happens At Baby Swimming Classes?

The inspiration for birthlight’s gentle yet dynamic approach to baby swimming comes from Amazonian forest people with whom Françoise Freedman lived as an anthropologist. Birthlight baby swimming courses bring together principles of body balance in water, swimming teaching techniques, research on the teaching of water safety skills for babies and the positive effects of joyful parent-baby interaction on overall child development.

duarte-058Our classes are made up of a small group of parents and babies. We arrange our classes by ability and also age groups.

We aim to make all our sessions relaxed and fun. Parents learn to swim with their babies and the babies learn very quickly through play.

Once your baby is confident in the pool, we may encourage to try submerging your baby.
It’s natural for you to feel anxious the first time you and your baby try this. Babies have a natural affinity with water and your baby’s inbuilt gag reflex is generally strongest up to six months old. This reflex allows your baby to hold it’s breath under water naturally.