You’ve got to love lycra if you are a swimmer!

Being dressed for the task in hand is a good start for any activity but especially when it comes to swimming lessons.

no shorts.png

I’ll cut straight to the chase – I have quite a pet hate for baggy swimming shorts!  

They are fine for going on holiday and relaxing on the beach or even for a casual swim, however, they don’t have a place for a swimming lesson.

When you are a beginner learning to swim, as a young child or an adult, the single biggest thing that a swimming teacher its trying to show you is how the water behaves and works and how is feels next to your body.  If you are used to swimming then this is something you take for granted but it is something we’ve all had to learn and experience at the beginning of our swimming life whether we can remember that or not.

Water is, of course, all enveloping.  When we are in the water it surrounds us and supports us.  We can feel the water next to our skin.  When swimming it’s a lovely feeling to have the water flowing around your body – feeling the ‘thickness’ of it under your hands as you pull your arm back, how it rolls off your legs as you kick, the lifting effect of it underneath you and the cascade of water on your back.  When we swim in baggy clothing you lose a lot of that ‘feel’.  I truly believe learning to swim in baggy clothing slows down not only your speed through the water but very fundamentally the learning process itself!

Seeing a young boy trying to float on his back when his shorts are bellowing water and dragging his legs down is frustrating.

You’ve got to love lycra!  Jammers (cycling type shorts) or trunks for boys / men.  Once piece costumes for girls / women.

Let’s remember a swim hat (silicon is recommend).  A hat is for hygiene and to keep hair out of the way.  I so often see children swimming without hats and trying to learn how to breathe only to have a mouthful of hair each time they try to take a breath.

Last thing is a well fitting pair of goggles.

Dressed for success.


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